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Saana Pixel, Christmas card

Started by me having fun learning to use Aseprite. After just drawing things that seemed fit for the pixel style, I wanted to try something that was not. To simplify something super detailed. Like how the artists of the 8 and 16 bit Final Fantasy games had to convert the legendary Yoshitaka Amano´s super detailed concept art to sprites. I used my own older 3D work Saana as reference, as it was my most detail filled work i had done up to that point, and still might be. Gott a great start and was too fun to stop, so did a background as well. The comparatively small light source at night, gave it a nice Christmas-y feeling, despite it not having traditional elements of that holiday. So I used it as a digital Christmas card that year. 

Made using Aseprite and some Photoshop for the light reflection effects

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