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About me

Hi I`m Simon, a graduate from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in 3D visualisation and animation. I have a passion for 3D art and experimenting with different modeling programs. Blender is my first choice in my arsenal of tools, but not my only one. I have long term experience working with Maya, some 3ds Max, getting the hang of Zbrush and most recently started exploring Substance Painter just to name a few.

I have a background in traditional graphic design and have hefty amount of experience in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

I also do video post-processing and editing. After Effects I mostly use for compositing and other effects. Recently I’ve learned to use Vegas Pro for video editing, which I’ve found quite effective.

Linguistically I’m a native Swedish speaker and competent in Finnish and English. However I suffer from a severe dyslexia (ie reading disorder) and regardless of the language used, correct spelling is a challenge for me and my reading ability is slow paced.

Other than that, I'm a positive and occasionally very headstrong kind of guy. As I might've already hinted, I quite like like drawing and digital painting. My other interests entail all manner of gaming from video games to casually playing board games with friends. Reading comics and watching B-rate action movies are also close to my heart. I've recently picked up exercising again, which I have to keep up since I've now written it down here as a fact. Wish me luck!


Nationality and location: Finland.



Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, 2012-2017

3D visualization and animation

Bachelor's Degree (Medianomi (AMK))


Helsingin Evankelinen Opisto, 2011


Inveon, 2007-2010

Study Programme in Graphic Design

Visual Artisan



Blender: Modeling, Animation, rigging, UV mapping and skin weights. (Excellent)

Zbrush (Good)

Substance Painter (Beginner)

Unity (Beginner)

Autodesk Maya: Animation, rigging, UV mapping and skin weights. (Good)

Topogun (good)

Xnormals Alright)
Adobe Photoshop (Good)
Adobe After Effects (Good)
Adobe Illustrator (Good)
Adobe Indesign (Good)

Vegas Pro (Alright)

Aseprite (Alright)


Swedish (Mother tongue)
Finnish (Excellent)
English (Excellent)
Please note! I have dyslexia also known as reading disorder. 

Work History

2021->: MotionVolt Games Oy: Charchter design and modeling, Freelance

2021: Freelance: Prop modeling for unnamed indie game.
2020: Freelance: Asset modeling for the mobile game EigenGauge

2012-2015: Magazine “Skattkistan”: Graphic designer, Illustrator and page layout.

Summer Jobs and Internships

2016: Shiver Games OY: Motion capture animation editing.

2012: Kuljetusliike M Lindberg ky: Delivering Tabloid newspapers to stores and food to elderly people.

2011: Maija Media Oy: Logo designer.

2011-2009: Newspaper ”Borgåbladet”: Page layout and receptionist
2007: Newspaper ”Uusimaa”: Page layout
2007: Teho-suojaus Oy: Cleaner

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