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Saana, Åsk Tämjare

My entry to Artwar IV, a annual digital art competition hosted by In order to compete you had to make a character related to a element and incorporate a pre-made logo representin it in to your character. I chose lightning as my element. My idea was to have a warrior wearing a big 17 century style dress, but by some in-universe logic have a practical use for it. So under a dress that big there would be lots off empty space I assume, a grate place for a welder of thunder to store her power, like in car battery's and maybe electricity generators. Then added lots of "tacticool" elements from modern police/military,  a dose of sc-fi, little fantasy and some medieval knight elements to make something over the top and cool. The design stayed pretty fateful from my concept painting to the final model, normally when working on personal projects its easy to go in new unplanned directions ones the modeling starts. Had to cut some things because there was not enough time. 

This was my first time truly using Blender`s Eevvee rendered, it is a distressingly good real time renderer. 

Made useing Blender, Zbrush, Substance painter, Illustrator and Pohotoshop.  

Close up Render in Eevvee,  

Render in Eevvee,  That I submitted to the competition.  Re-render this later do to feeling i went a little overboard with the light, to be fair it`t hard to be subtle when you haven`t slept for about 36 hours do to deadlines    

Details rendered in Eevvee. That I submitted to the competition.  

original concept art

A screenshot from zbrush when the dress sculpting was completed, it being the last ting to be sculpted in the project.


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