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She´s a Maniac

A render inspired by listening way too much synthwave music. 80`s feeling picture without resorting to the usual night/dark contrasted with neon lights. Miami Vice inspiration drives in the era feel just as well. Character done mostly with Zbrush. The sunglasses, trees, cash and buildings in the background done in Blender. Blender was also used for the meshwork for the clothing.

Rendered in Zbrush and composited in Photoshop.

The Mini Uzi 9mm "Tiger" custom came from an idea mashing up elements from very typical 80`s action movie guns, but kept to cartoony design. There's thematic homages in the design to “The Terminator” and “Cobra” to name a few.


Made in almost entirely in Blender, with some texture tweaking in Photoshop.

Tiger illustration I made for the Uzi`s grip. This part particular detail I wanted to do as a nod to the gun seen in "Cobra".

viewport render in zbrush

Original design I created in Photoshop before I even started on the modeling portion. Of course revisions happened throughout the project.

Screenshot of the character before adding the unsymmetrical detailing. The hair is still a placeholder at this point.

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