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Maid Reaper


An old inside joke I have with my roommate: the 90s-esque cool "edge-lord" character Reaper from the video game Overwatch is secretly the best female character in the roster because of his childbearing hips. This escalated to a few drawings and photo edits over the years, although it was mostly low effort. When it was time to update one of the printed recipes we had on the wall in the kitchen, I just had to go all in!!!

Many days were spent on painting it. The idea was to make it as tasteless as I dared, knowing it would be put up on the wall in the kitchen. It could also not look half baked (pun intended), instead it would be funnier if I actually spent time on making it. Similar prank drawings that occasionally appear out of nowhere on walls and doors in our apartment usually stay where they appeared. Therefore I had to make sure no small mistakes were left in the painting, or else it would annoy me to look at it printed big while waiting for the water to start boiling, or something. Wen it was done I ordered an A1 print, the biggest from the print services I use, and put it up. My roommate enjoyed the prank. ​

Painted in Photoshop,the sketch and time-laps gif below made in Clip Studio Paint.

original sketch

original sketch

work in progres time lapse

Photos of the print in our kitchen. With the recipe and added some more dumb inside jokes.

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