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Krosmaga pig

Krosmaga fanart of the “Piggy Disciple” card.

I had a little summer break from all 3D, and I needed a small warm up piece to “get back in the game”. I’m a big fan of Krosmaga’s art style and the Piggy Disciple just looks adorable and has a simple design (not to mention a pretty good card when combined with other pigs). So, it seemed to be a great choice to turn into 3D. It was, but not as simple as I expected. Technical problems and regular mishappenings kept interfering. Worked on and off on it between commission work. Once all problems were dealt with, I had already spent way too much time on it, so why not spend more and add all the bells and whistles. That in this case being a rather long animation with all the corrective bones in the word.

Modeled with Zbrush and Blender. Textured using Substance Painter, Blender and Photoshop. Animated and rigged in Blender.

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