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A game ready PBR model I made for the game Flip Master, a mobile game developed by MotionVolt Games Oy. They wanted an assassin panda with an asian feel to it. The model still had to fit their human rig that is used in the game, so I could not just make a normal panda. Not that it needed to be normal anyway, as the description already told you it had a slightly comedic flavour to it. Some more ridiculous ideas were tested, including a cyborg version, but in the end we went with one of my first design suggestions, a simple gi. Was a very smooth project, whole poses were made in only about 15 days. Made using Blender, ZBrush, Substance Painter and Photoshop. I also skinned the character to their character rig. 

The model in zbrush

Flip Master Gameplay of the Panda from the Summer 2022 update trailer. 

Concept art I drew

The maximum triangle limit was 15 thousand, I managed to cut that in half and got about 7 thousand.

PBR set

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