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When you try to make a cool samurai, but you start to listen to the Carolus Rex Album by Sabaton.

Made using Blender, Zbrush, Retopogun, xNormal and Substance painter.

Gott mit uns!!!

Zbrush sculpt before the clothes were made

Zbrush sculpt 

Retopo in Blender, but I also used Retopogun for some parts, such as the face

Concept drawing. At the beginning of this project I wanted to do something that was more over the top and historically incorrect. However, once I started with the Street Fighter-esque style it was already pretty over the top. So I decided to make it more grounded. The clothes are now closer to being historically correct (based on paintings and photos of war reenactments) but are not completly. I took some small liberties to keep it more fun.

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