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Hester Shaw 2

My second attempt at depicting the fictional character Hester Shaw from the Mortal Engines Quartet, written by Philip Reeve. She's one of my favorite fictional characters of all time, like in my top 3 and my favorite book character.

Scroll down below to see my first attempt.

This time I double-checked some of the descriptions of her appearance. I have now seen plenty of other artists' interpretations of her, of which some are really great. But I do think that many, not all, of them depict her nose as too undamaged or just scarred. I wanted it to be clearly deformed like in the books. 

Painted in Photoshop.

The animated time-lapse GIF at the end of this page. Made with Clip studio paint.

Hester Shaw

My first attempt to digitally paint Hester Shaw from the Mortal Engines book series. I did not double check the descriptions of her, but instead painted her as I saw her in my mind. I did a double check afterwards by comparing other peoples artwork based on the same character and I'm pretty sure I got her hair color wrong. Oh well... Still more faithful than in the awful movie adaptation.

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