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Classic Astronaut

A game ready pbr model I made for the game Flip Master,
a mobile game developed by MotionVolt Games Oy. The idea was to make an old school moon landing era Astronaut character, have it be recognizable as that but not be an exact copy. The shoes were a detail that my clients really wanted to resemble the actual historical ones. It was a challenge to not get lost in all the details, especially considering I had a limited deadline. Turned out really well.
I also skinned the character to their character rig.

Made using Blender, ZBrush, Substance Painter and Photoshop.


The model in ZBrush

Flip Master Gameplay of the Astronaut from the October 2022 update trailer. 

The maximum triangle limit was 15 thousand, I managed to get it down to 12 thousand.  

PBR set

Close up of the fake patches I made in Photoshop for the astronaut's chest. 

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