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Anna Fang

Fan art of Anna Fang from the Mortal Engines Quartet, written by Philip Reeve.

Wanted to paint a version of her that is younger than her appearance in the first book but older than she is in the Night Flight prequel book.
Added the headset as a small nod to her airship "The jenny Haniver". Made the headset look used and old because the ship is built of spare parts and scrap.
In some of the official art the older version of Anna is wearing her sunglasses, and in the unfortunate movie adaptation she's wearing them most of the time, so I decided towards the end to add them. However, I did not want to hide her behind sunglasses, so I kept them on her forehead. Fitting, considering this is an in-between of her appearances.

Painted in Photoshop.

The animated time-lapse GIF at the end of this page. Made with Clip studio paint.

original sketch

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