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A Undead Pirate Riding A Sharrrrrk!!

Orginal sketch 

My entry to the Sketchfab low poly Halloween Challenge 2019. Wanted to do something spooky but not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Halloween. Almost immediately I wanted to do an undead pirate, probably because I have been deep diving (wink wink) into Alestorm's discography recently (first album is still the best). But just an undead pirate seemed too boring…maybe a shipwrecked pirate floating on a treasure chest, also too boring. Have him riding a shark, now that sounded fun. Had only half a week to make it before the Challenge deadline, my previous work had taken way too long. And if the time zone difference is correct I should make it just in time.

Made almost completely in Blender, only minor changes to textures in Photoshop.

Happy Halloween! And remember like that old song goes: “And there will be no mercy for those with no grave, NO GRAVE BUT THE SEA!”

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