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Cocktail Party Agent

An assignment from MotionVolt for their game Flip Master. They wanted a James Bond type agent at a cocktail party who was also female and African American. The real challenge was making the dress, because the character had to use the game`s default animation rig. A rig that only had bones for a standard body.  Attaching the dress to the feet would result in a horrible stretchy mess when the legs go from extreme pose to extreme pose. Since all characters in the game do acrobatic and not so acrobatic moves in the air (see lower on this page for gameplay footage). Having a dress just attached to the waist would look unnatural as it would not move, plus the legs would constantly be clipping through it. So I had to design a dress, or something that looked like one, that was actually split in the middle. Had to do some animation tests before the actual making of the character to see what looked acceptable in motion. Because of that this project took about three weeks instead of the planned two.
The knives were added to bring out the secret agent theme, as it was requested that no modern firearms could be used.

The model in ZBrush

Concept art, I drew a bunch of ideas. In the end the client wanted the dress of the left one and the hair of the right one.


PBR set

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